Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andolini's Pizza

Andolini's is another Pizza Joint worth visiting.  Set up like Dano's you walk in, order your food, grab a number, and wait for them to bring the pizza to you.  They have everything too, great pizzas, calzones, strombolis, and salads.  They also serve beer for those of you who enjoy a brew with your za. Their location on Folly road on James Island is perfect, they have a nice patio to sit and catch the ocean breeze.  Great place to stop after a visit to follow.  www.andolinis.com

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grouchos Deli

Groucho's started out small all the way back in 1941 by Harold "groucho" Miller, but are now found all over the state of South Carolina and they have some of the best melt's you may ever get your mouth on.  With a huge hunk of meat, cheese, and a side of their famous 45 sauce, their sandwiches could make you a deli addict.  Original recipes, fresh meat, and homemade bread.  They have a bunch of locations throughout the state so check their website for the one nearest you.http://www.grouchos.com/

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Polks BBQ

Polks BBQ will always be my favorite place to get BBQ in South Carolina.  Probably because i grew up on it, i remember playing around with the giant penny banks or whatever they are while we were waiting on our food.  They only have weird hours so I'd call before I made the long drive but its definately worth it.
Polks Bar B Que 13754 Sniders Highway, Islandton, SC 29929 (843) 866-7153

Dano's Pizza

Dano's pizza is probably a little better than The House of Pizza's za, but since it's located on Rosewood ave in Columbia.  House has nothing to worry about.  There's beer on tap and flatscreen tvs, the perfect place to go ad relax.  And lately for lunch they have been doing a two slices of pizza's and a drink for only 3.99.  And they're huge slices.  They also serve calzones, strombolighs, pasta and salads.  Drop by and check them out it you're close 

803.254.DANO (3266) • 2800 Rosewood Drive, Suite C, Columbia SC 29205
MON-THUR 11:30 - 10:30PM, FRI-SAT 11:30 - 11:00PM, SUN 12:00 - 10:30PM

House Of Pizza

The House of Pizza in Bamberg has some of the best fresh pizza in the whole area. They have delicious pizza and if you are ever passing through Bamberg you should definately stop by, they'd make your day.  They also serve great pasta and salads if a pizza isn't what your looking for. 

11995 Heritage Hwy
Bamberg, SC 29003