Help Be a Food Critic!

Just wondering who thinks they know what small town or intersection has amazing food? Hwy or location would help. For example Polks BBQ on sniders hwy 63 has the tops in hash and rice. Or the House of pizza in Bamberg has outstanding pasta and pizza that my 87 year old Italian grandma says is some of the best she's ever had. All you have to do is comment back on this page letting me know about an experience you had at a restaurant in South Carolina. It would be helpful to add in Name, location, favorite dish, service quality, or sanitation. Bad reviews are just as welcome as good reviews but it would be nicer to hear good things about SC food service industry. Thanks!!!

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  1. I can't wait to try some of the restaurants you suggested on the home page. I agree Dockside, Polks, and House of Pizza are all GREAT, so I know the others you reviewed will be just as great! Thanks for the helpgul information!